Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8, 2008

Hello everyone. I am really new to this, so I am sure that this site will be boring till I get the hang of it all. My name is Yvette. I live in Littleton, CO. I am currently unemployed, so I spend alot of time crocheting and watching TV. I love the internet and have learned so many things here. I am a native of California, but there are way too many people there. I love Colorado as it has all 4 seasons. Sometimes more than one season a day, but nonetheless, it is beautiful here.

I am a mother to one son, who is 13, and my little cutie, and I have 2 step sons. I have one cat, and 3 dogs, and my man who is named Don. He works hard, and I stay at home right now. But going crazy as I am used to working.

We love Nascar! Racing is the bomb here in our house. I like Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, and Don likes Earnhardt. My son likes Tony Stewart. We go to the local races also.

Enough about me. Let's get to crocheting.




crochetbutterfly said...

Hi Yvette, I have gone thru your
blog and web pictures of you crochet items. Very impressive.
I had a wonderful time going thru
them. I also am a member of CWenfys. I am a stay at home grandma for a grandson who is 12
He doesn't need me too much except
for rides at this point and like it or not...supervision!!! I also enjoy watching TV and Crocheting. Both at the same time!! I just love the wavy afghan that you posted a picture of on your blog. would you be willing to share where you got the pattern. I just love the colors you used and of course the pattern itself.

Good Luck with your blog. I enjoyed reading it.

crochetbutterfly said...

Hi Yvette, I just posted about your blog and the pattern for the wavy afghan but I don't know if my email address can be seen by you so I checked off E-mail follow up comments this time
Joanne (crochetbutterfly)

Donnajean said...

Yvette, all of your work is so lovely and really like the angel as you know I am the one having trouble with the granny square. Is this the angel square pattern I have and if not would you share the pattern? Thanks