Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new stuff. and more

I just finished weaving in tons of ends for this blanket. I usually weave them in as I go, but these stitches were too far apart and it just didn't work that way. I hope my niece likes it. It is big enough for my queen bed, just to the edges. It is the kitties in a row pattern from Bev's Country Cottage, but I made it bigger to be for an adult. Jessica loves Kitties, so that is why I chose this pattern. I sure hope she likes it. I love it. I also am sending some slipper bedsox to my sis and my little niece too. My dad finally got his Serenity Prayer blanket, got it on his anniversary, so that made it special timing too. tomorrow is Travis' 15th birthday. It seems like just yesterday, man does time fly.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New stuff and what I have been up to

Good afternoon everyone. I have been sick as well as trying to spend more time with my family and not so much time on the puter. I have been knitting and crocheting on something almost every day. It has been super cold here in Colorado, so I have been making more slipper sox. I think they will be good add on gifts for Christmas. I have made 5 pair of adult size and one pair of kid size. I am working on some more now. I am also working on a couple blankets. One is a graph afghan for baby in Broncos theme that I am doing in Tunisian crochet. I am also making one for my niece Jessica. I hope to finish it soon. It is 53 inches long now, but she is tall, so I have a way to go. I am in no way ready for Christmas yet. heck, I still have things to mail and cards to finish filling out. I have been busy though with both knitting and crocheting as much as I can fit into my boring schedule.

Monday, November 23, 2009

More things I have been working on

I have been working ons some more things. I thought I would add the pictures. I hope everyone is ready for Turkey Day. It is my favorite holiday. I love homemade stuffing and pumpkin pie. First is a knit hat I made for Cora. My friend whose prego and this is her baby blanket. I decided to knit her booties, and I only got one finished, so I told her to get the other one she would have to bring the baby to visit when born. Then I was messing around knitting with some scrap cotton and realized I didn't have enough yarn to make a square dishcloth, so I just improvised and came up with a miniature hanging towel. what do you think?

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Serenity Blanket made for a friend's daughter.

this is my new Serenity blanket that I made for a friend's daughter's 30th birthday. I added a soft white shell border to make it look more feminine. I sure hope she likes it. I need to mail it to SC. I also knit a hat and booties to go with the round ripple that I made for the doctor's office. I have to go and get that delivered to them. I need to go to the doc too. lol

Monday, November 2, 2009

had a long weekend

Me and Collin Raye Oct. 23, 2009
Heart Necklace cloth in red cotton
First ever knit hat. Came out big, supposed to be for a child size, but fits all the boys in this house.
necklace cloth again
Wash cloths I made for Terri for an order. the rose one is knit. Came out good if I do say so myself.
My lighthouse cloth. Pic taken with my phone , so it is kind of dark. sorry.
My apple cloth also taken with my cell

have been doing all kinds of things. thought i would add what pics I have. I hope all of you are getting ready for the holidays, they sure are coming up quickly. I have more stuff done that I need to take pictures of and weave ends in, the part I dread the most. I love to crochet and knit, but hate weaving in ends. LOL

Monday, October 26, 2009

New stuff.

here is some of the stuff I have been doing the last week or so.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My newest creation.

This is the newest thing that I just made. I made this as a gift, so I can't say who it is for now, as it will be for Christmas. I love the Serenity Prayer, and I think the person I made this for will love it too. At least I hope so. I love it too. I will probably have to make it again for myself.

Friday, October 2, 2009

some stuff I have been working on

Hello all. I have been working on these things for a little while. I finally got them all done and the ends weaved in. They are for someone that ordered them, so I will get them to her hopefully today sometime. I am really enjoying knitting the washcloths. I have some other stuff I need to work on, but I have been a knitting fool. LOL

Monday, September 21, 2009

My new craft of Knitting

when I was in Oregon my friend Micki taught me the basic knit and purl stitches. I have only made a few things as it is much slower than crocheting. Hope you like the pics. I have to make a few of the 88 cloths, as this one was for Don and Micki and Pammy both want one.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

what I have been up to lately

Well, it has been awhile since I last posted. I have been doing alot. I went to Omaha, and Minneasota with Don and Travis to visit my friend Pam after the loss of her husband. I also went to a Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game, and the Rockies won, and we went to the Mall of America, that place is huge. Then I also went to Oregon to meet my online crochet friend Micki. I also met another friend from an old group that I was in who also crochets too. Her name is Yolie. while I was in Oregon, Micki taught me how to knit, so I have made a couple washcloths so far, but you know me, I pulled them out a few times to get them perfect. LOL. I have lots of pictures to share, and I also got to see the Oregon coast and we actually went on a total tour of the Heceta Head Lighthouse. It was awesome. Some of the pics I have to get from Micki, as my phone and camera batteries ran out. lol Oh, I also got to ride in the pace car here at the local track and I also went to see Mark Chesnutt at the Grizzly Rose here and got to meet him out back after the show. He was really nice and sweet to talk to. I am also working on some Christmas gifts and I need to make like 3 baby blankets. and some more crocheted washcloths for a friend that ordered them. I am keeping busy. lol