Sunday, December 21, 2008

Green washcloth and hotpad
Blue and Yellow Kitchen set.
green on green hat
Thread Doily
Blue Thread doily
Small thread prayer cloth
close up of blue thread doily
Another smaller blue thread doily
Large blue cotton doily for nightstand
Pastel Doily that I designed as I went along
Here is some more stuff I made while I had no internet. I hope you enjoy. I just made them up as I went along on most of them.

Freezing cold here and the Bronco's lost the game, have to play against San Diego next week. Will have to win to make the playoffs.

Got a puffy in the mail today. I will post pictures of what I got. Couldn't get it all in one picture on the cell phone, so there is two. I love it all. Thanks Evie.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chenille Angel
Angel in Blues

Country tones angel
Heather's scarf
Don Modeling for me. Travis with his green and brite green hat.
Sorry that I have been away for so long y'all. I haven't had internet for a few weeks and we were moving and all that too. Still have alot of unpacking to do. Yuck. But at least we have heat now. Been doing alot of crocheting of little items. Potholders, a scarf or 2. Have to finish one of them actually. I also made some doilies and I want to do more, I have alot of thread to use.
As you know, my man Jimmie Johnson did win his third consecutive Championship in the Nextel Cup. Only one other person has achieved that, and that was 30 years ago when there were alot less good drivers racing. I am so proud of my Jimmie!
Our new house will be pretty once we get it all organized and set up and unpacked. I will post pictures when I do all that. In the meantime, I am trying to get these pictures to send from my phone so that I can post them here tonight. It may take me a little while.
We are in no way ready for Christmas. I think it is just a bad year for everyone. I will make it up to Travis when we get our tax refunds, I usually do that for him anyway. He will be 14 on the 30th, and so he gets jipped anyway with them so close together, Christmas and his birthday that is.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have been packing and doing some other stuff too. I am working on a rug from some yarn that I got from freecycle. It is rough yarn, so I figured a rug would be the best thing. Was working in rounds and didn't like the seam, so after it was over 2 1/2 feet wide, I ripped it all out and started it over in the round with no joining. It looks better and it is in fall rust colors. So, hopefully I will have it finished soon. Now it is about 3 feet wide and coming out really alot nicer. I changed my hook size up too. here is some other stuff that I have done in the last week.

Jimmie Johnson 2008 Sprint Cup Champion

Well everyone, Jimmie Johnson did it. He is a 3 time champion. And he made history by getting them in a row. He is such a great driver. But now the season is over and I have to wait till February for the season to start again. Will he get a 4th one next season? We will have to wait and see. He will get top honors at the Banquet in New York.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello everyone. I feel like crap but just had to post. Did you see my Jimmie Johnson win that race on Sunday. Just one more race to go till he is the 2008 Sprint Cup Champion for the 3rd time in a row. Only one other driver has accomplished that and that was over 30 years ago. Cale Yarborough did it, but he was only racing against 12 other racers, Johnson has 43 other racers against him. He is amazing!

Okay, I have been really sick but managed to make a beanie for Don. Just hdc mostly and then a reverse sc on the brim. Nothing fancy, but will keep his head warm this winter. the image is kind of dark.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lavish Lace Shawl finished.

Well, I finished the shawl this morning. I only did 33 of the 49 rows, as the shawl was already long and I was running out of the cone of yarn. It came out pretty I think. I want to get some more of the cotton so that I can make a hat to match it. I am thinking of giving this as a Christmas gift. The pattern can be found at Lion Brand.
Doesn't Travis look thrilled to be my model in these pics?
I have to go. Have a great day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Making another shawl.

I started another shawl. It is a new one from the Lion Brand Newsletter. I am doing it in Pastel colors. Peaches and Cream cotton. I am already almost 1/2 way thru. I did get a better picture of Travis' hat It was a little big, but he still likes it anyway.

Today's stuff I was doing

Trixie Our Angel and Don

Trixie in her Angel Costume

A skateboarder Beanie for Travis

Travis' new Ipod Case done in Tunisian

Travis' Ipod case,
my own made up pattern in Tunisian crochet

Hello Y'all. Today I wasn't feeling well at all. I slept alot, but managed to make my son Travis a beanie. It came out kind of big, but I like it. I just did single crochet for the most.

Jimmie Johnson didn't do well in the race, but he is still in the points lead. I have faith in him. 2 races to go. Phoenix and Homestead.

Haven't found a place to move yet, but will start packing things for the move in the meantime. Wish us luck in finding a place soon.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pictures of Halloween and other stuff

Tunisian washcloth for exchange

Travis my hippie dude.
Peace out.

Dishcloth and soap sack

small scrubbie

small round wash cloth

Christmas Thread Granny Doily

My blue flower


Another Christmas Thread Doily

Bump washcloth

Becky's washcloth (Thick)

Becky's other washcloth

Yolie's Shawl
(Modeled by Travis, my son)
No girl's here but me.

back of Yolie's shawl
Pattern at Lion Brands site
One ball full moon shawl

hello. Well I finally gave up on the phone sending to my email and just hooked the phone up to the puter and synced it. Here are some things I promised in the last post. And some of Travis in his hippie costume. I made him a new ipod case last night. He already is using it.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey y'all. I have been without internet for a week or so. I have been doing some crocheting though. Let me first say that I did a second shawl with one strand of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Dark Rose Hether. I added a little more of the pattern to make the shawl longer and trimmed it with the wine color for contrast. I liked this one better, so that is the one that I sent to Yolie for my exchange. I haven't heard whether she got it or not yet. I hope so. I also made a pretty flower and did a leaf on it out of some scraps of cotton. Trying to upload the pics from my phone now so I can post them as well. My phone isn't co-operating, so I will have to post the pictures of the shawl and flower a little later.

I also have been working on a baby blanket and finished it in two days. The pattern can be found here, but I enlarged it by just adding more rounds to the pattern.