Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been keeping myself busy.

I have been keeping myself busy lately. I hope you like the pics. I am making some more things and have to take some more pictures. I just need to get more organized. lol

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's April already. Taxes need to be done today.

easter mystery cloth
Don's D cloth
butterfly and lace

April Fool's mystery cloth
Two washcloths.
Hello again. It's me. Been trying to keep busy with things I am making. I will post some more pics. I hope all is well for everyone. We have been kind of busy here with the weather finally nice. I try to keep busy making things all the time. It is a great stress reliever and break from the same old shows on tv.

Friday, April 2, 2010

More stuff. I have been keeping my hands and hooks/needles busy

Romper and hat.
Memorial angels for Don's Memorial Service at Fort Logan Magic Potholder in Peaches and Creme`
Little knitted pouch with crocheted shell edge
field and plains cloth from a KAL

Elena in her jacket to match her baby sister's. She was stalking the mail man till it came.

Blanket made for Don French Sr. I made this for Christmas when I first moved here in December 2001. He took really good care of it, and now that he has passed, I got it back.

grandma's favorite wash cloth in green.

Cable and lace cloth, from a KAL on Rachel's Knitting group.

Well, the memorial was great. The day was nice and sunny. I made 80 angel pins and they were all gone, I have to make a few more for the people who didn't get one. I also need to finish the last 30 for Hospice. In the mean time I also made a Romper and hat from a pattern in the newest Crochet! magazine. I got it last Saturday and made the romper after doing a knit cloth with lace and cables from a pattern from Rachel's Knitting yahoo group. The romper was very easy and fast. I did the whole thing in one evening. So, here are some recent pictures. enjoy.