Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pictures of Halloween and other stuff

Tunisian washcloth for exchange

Travis my hippie dude.
Peace out.

Dishcloth and soap sack

small scrubbie

small round wash cloth

Christmas Thread Granny Doily

My blue flower


Another Christmas Thread Doily

Bump washcloth

Becky's washcloth (Thick)

Becky's other washcloth

Yolie's Shawl
(Modeled by Travis, my son)
No girl's here but me.

back of Yolie's shawl
Pattern at Lion Brands site
One ball full moon shawl

hello. Well I finally gave up on the phone sending to my email and just hooked the phone up to the puter and synced it. Here are some things I promised in the last post. And some of Travis in his hippie costume. I made him a new ipod case last night. He already is using it.


Evelyn Mayfield said...

Love the hippie outfit and Travis is so cool in it. Your crochet projects are great, Yvette. I don't know how you find time. Thanks for sharing them with us.

TravisMom said...

Evie: I wish I was working and didn't have the time. But alas, I crochet to make people happy. I will let Travis know what you said. He was so cute. I will share more soon .

love, Yvette