Monday, November 3, 2008

Today's stuff I was doing

Trixie Our Angel and Don

Trixie in her Angel Costume

A skateboarder Beanie for Travis

Travis' new Ipod Case done in Tunisian

Travis' Ipod case,
my own made up pattern in Tunisian crochet

Hello Y'all. Today I wasn't feeling well at all. I slept alot, but managed to make my son Travis a beanie. It came out kind of big, but I like it. I just did single crochet for the most.

Jimmie Johnson didn't do well in the race, but he is still in the points lead. I have faith in him. 2 races to go. Phoenix and Homestead.

Haven't found a place to move yet, but will start packing things for the move in the meantime. Wish us luck in finding a place soon.

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