Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chenille Angel
Angel in Blues

Country tones angel
Heather's scarf
Don Modeling for me. Travis with his green and brite green hat.
Sorry that I have been away for so long y'all. I haven't had internet for a few weeks and we were moving and all that too. Still have alot of unpacking to do. Yuck. But at least we have heat now. Been doing alot of crocheting of little items. Potholders, a scarf or 2. Have to finish one of them actually. I also made some doilies and I want to do more, I have alot of thread to use.
As you know, my man Jimmie Johnson did win his third consecutive Championship in the Nextel Cup. Only one other person has achieved that, and that was 30 years ago when there were alot less good drivers racing. I am so proud of my Jimmie!
Our new house will be pretty once we get it all organized and set up and unpacked. I will post pictures when I do all that. In the meantime, I am trying to get these pictures to send from my phone so that I can post them here tonight. It may take me a little while.
We are in no way ready for Christmas. I think it is just a bad year for everyone. I will make it up to Travis when we get our tax refunds, I usually do that for him anyway. He will be 14 on the 30th, and so he gets jipped anyway with them so close together, Christmas and his birthday that is.

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Aunt Kathy said...

I've done that income tax Christmas too many years.

I love those angels... is that pattern on Ravelry?