Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new stuff. and more

I just finished weaving in tons of ends for this blanket. I usually weave them in as I go, but these stitches were too far apart and it just didn't work that way. I hope my niece likes it. It is big enough for my queen bed, just to the edges. It is the kitties in a row pattern from Bev's Country Cottage, but I made it bigger to be for an adult. Jessica loves Kitties, so that is why I chose this pattern. I sure hope she likes it. I love it. I also am sending some slipper bedsox to my sis and my little niece too. My dad finally got his Serenity Prayer blanket, got it on his anniversary, so that made it special timing too. tomorrow is Travis' 15th birthday. It seems like just yesterday, man does time fly.

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