Thursday, February 12, 2009

More stuff that I have made

My fall rug
Blue Angel
Thread Granny
Red Heart Strata Granny

Well, I was without the net for a few days. I found some things that I made before we moved, and so, I thought I would add pics here again. Right now, I am working on a shell baby blanket. I hope I have enough of the yarn I am using, I may have to buy some more.


Gloria said...

Nice work..! I am making the same shawl I am finishing up only a few rows left.

It's for my mom her b-day is Mar. 2nd.

Aunt Kathy said...

Hopefully your yarn lasts... I was making a baby blanket late last year and ran out on the day of the shower. Had to buy more yarn and deliver it to the hospital when the baby was born.

Lavahlo said...

I LOVE the fall rug. I will make a rug one Good colors in those squares too.