Saturday, May 2, 2009

Progress on Blanket

Here is some more progress. I am using a pattern from Crochet Cabana, but modifying it a bit to make it my own. Instead of doing squares I am doing it all in one piece. I also did all ribbons across the blanket as the bottom with the solid part looks lonely. So, I will do the rest of the blanket this way I think. I just don't want to rip out all the first row. This way I think looks better. Plus it will be warm at the feet because of the solid squares. I hope my sister likes it for my niece.


Evelyn Mayfield said...

It looks great so far, Yvette. Your niece can't help but love it.

Gloria said...

The awareness afghan looks great.

TravisMom said...

Thanks Evie and Gloria. I appreciate the support. I am almost done with it, and then I will be doing the border and of course I will post final pictures too.
Thank you again.