Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elena's sweater

I finished all the adjustments to make Elena her sweater. It should fit her, and may be a little big, but I tried my best. I took a pic with the last sweater on top to show the difference in size. The sweater will fit my sister in law who is 58, but tiny. Just was short in the sleeves for her. It was funny when she tried it on, cause she was sure it wouldn't fit her.

Now two of Don's great nieces want one too, they want the same color, that is the only part that make it a little boring. But I will get them done when I can. I kind of want to do something else for a little break, I hope they are not in a super hurry. They are so cute and tiny too.


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Elena! My gosh I just stumbled here, only on my way through the web looking for a particular graphic!.. Don't ASK me how THAT happened, but I'm happy I did! I crochet also, and LOVE your beautiful sweaters! I have not yet tried this pattern, but you certainly have done some wonderful work with it!... Nice to meet you! ~tina

TravisMom said...

Thank you Tina. I like the sweater too, I have to make two more for my great nieces. I also have to mail this one to my Elena soon. She is anxiously awaiting the mail man every day.