Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today in the life

well, I am in the process of a baby blanket that I am knitting, one that I am crocheting and also knitting some kitchen stuff. I did a hanging towel with matching dishcloth and tribbles, and also working on a mystery cloth too. I am bummed out as Don's dad is really confused, but the doc decided today that it is the pain patches. So they took one off and are going to do the same with the other since he doesn't seem to be in so much pain like before. I have to get some things mailed as my niece is stalking the mailperson waiting for her jacket to come. It is still here, but I think it will go out tomorrow as I have to get up to take the car so that Travis can get to school. They have one of those late starts again. i wish they would of had those back in the day when I was in school.

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