Monday, October 25, 2010

I have been sick, but still crocheting and knitting.

I have had a serious sinus infection and it has really been getting me down. I went to bed at 6 last night. Woke a couple times in the night, but didn't get up till about 5 this morning. Everyone that knows me, knows I am a Vampire, as Don calls me. lol. I am NOT a MORNING person in the least. I did watch the race yesterday and also the Bronco game till it was evident that they were going to lose by tons, then I couldn't take the torture any longer. So, I changed it and watched a little bit of Discovery ID channel and then laid down. I can't get rid of the darn headache. But now that I gave my friend her blanket, it was a surprise, I can post the pictures of it here on my blog.

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G S Iyer said...

Sorry to hear about your health problem. But being a cancer survivor, with my son, who had severe sinus problem while studying architecture, by treating him with REIKI & crystals, he was relieved of his problem. It is healing with one's hands. It works like magic, one has to experience it.

Love your designs, as I'm a die-heard crochet addict.

New-Delhi, India