Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 2011

Whit Lillian Cardigan: Pattern at
Sock Blocker Keychain : Pattern for sale on
Tiny Dress for Keychain: Pattern on project pages
Heart lace socks: Pattern on my project page
Baby socks: was a test pattern on
Lithosphere sock: pattern on Bag I knit up for concerts to go around neck/shoulder
Keychain dress I made for someone at the racetrack
Green Thyme ankle sock still need to make the match. lol
Little Cable Socks I tested pattern. Available on
Baby Sock test from
Heavenly Trio washcloth
Sock Blocker Keychain
Wow, time flies these days. 1/2 the year gone already. I am currently working a pair of socks from the Book, Sock Innovations by Cookie A. I also have some other things that I have finished recently. Will post pics of them. It is so freaking hot here in CO. I am ready for winter already. lol. Been trying to keep busy and look for a place to move also. This place is killing me with no a/c. Not sure why the houses here in CO don't have a/c. Oh well, thank God for fans and places to plug them in. lol

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