Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Been in a slump, but finished a few things

I have knit 26 pairs of socks this year so far, that counts infant socks, and I have 4 pair that are only 1/2 done, and more and more that I want done. lol I made a cardigan for a lady at the race track for her new grandbaby. She has twin grandbabies and they are adorable. They were preemies and are still very small so the cardi swims on her. I will ask permission before I post the pic she gave me. Don't want to make anyone mad.
I also finally had the time to finish the blanket I started in February for Don and I. It is knit in the Feather and Fan Stitch, and it is warm and cozy. I wish I would of made it a little longer, but it was set aside for so long cause I have been making socks and other stuff. Needless to say at least the dogs seem to like it. Trixie was bundled up in the blanket all day.

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