Friday, January 13, 2012

Holy Cow! It's 2012!

Heart Doily
Fingerless mitts in progress: Pattern from Mindy Vasil available on Ravelry
LipGloss Purse for Katelynn
Lipgloss purse for Haley
Candle Cozy for Tom & Donna
Great Wall Sock was a Test on Ravelry for Hiya Hiya Designer Qianer
Baby Bubble Test Shirt for baby. Available on Ravelry
Fan Baby Blanket in progress for Alejandro's Baby Nathan
been working on more stuff, but it's big stuff and little stuff. I am working on a baby blanket, booties and hat for one of Don's co-workers. I also have a few hats to make. I have some some socks and a baby shirt. Even a doily. I am working on some fingerless mitts, and a mystery sock pattern. Will show some progress pics and other things I have finished.

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