Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elena's Piggy Pillow

Hello. I thought I would add some photos of the pillow I made for my 4 year old niece Elena. The pattern was for a pajama pillow, but thought it looked better as a full pillow, so I added the back and the tail and changed up some of the colors. The pattern was in a Crochet World magazine from about a year ago. The pillow has been done for some time, just got around to putting the wiggly tail. Now I have to mail off to California. The hardest part of making things, getting them mailed off. LOL
I know, I made the mouth crooked, but it is puffy paint and I can't take it off as it will stretch out the yarn.
Have a great day. Yvettte

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Aunt Kathy said...

I think the slightly crooked mouth gives it character. I know your niece will love it. Mailing is not so bad if you use priority boxes and print the labels and postage off the Internet. They will give you the boxes for free, and you can just leave them for the mailman to pick up. Lifesaver for me, for sure.