Thursday, March 26, 2009


Lotus and Tiger in the snow playing. 7 sided doily in white DMC thread
First attempt at Diagonal Box Stitch. Finally figured out how to decrease to make it square, this is about 7 inches.
This is a 12 inch Diagonal Box Stitch square for an exchange on one of my groups. I have to make 20 - 12 inch squares, but don't like doing the same for any. I hope I can find enough different type of squares, or make them up myself like I did with this one. I love it though.
Snow again. There are several pics of the front lawn (yeah right) and the back yard. We have a tree house in the backyard that the people before us built. Well, it was here when we moved in anyway. It has tons of snow on it. We have a good size backyard here for the dogs.

Hello all. Just a little update. I thought it was Spring but here in Colorado it is still Winter. It has been snowing and sometime snowing hard for the whole day and afternoon. At 6 p.m. we already had 10 inches and we are expecting about 6 more over night, so the roads are a mess. Just wanted to show y'all the pictures of the front and back yard.
I finished the blanket I was working on for my niece, but have to still weave all the ends before I can add the photos, wash it and send it on it's way. I love the way it turned out and then I learned how to do the Diagonal Box Stitch last night. I will add the square that I made. It came out cool too.


Let's Go Yarning said...

WOW Yvette that is a Blizzard try to stay warm . I love the Doily great job. Keep up the awesome crocheting.


Aunt Kathy said...

Yvette if you go to crochet central's website they have a page just for squares, and then then list them by sizes (inches) but you can always increase the smaller ones so you can get some variety. I am over there all the time