Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Hat w/Pom Pom and booties

I have made a baby pompom hat and some booties for one of my friends at the Sprint store. She is expecting her first baby girl in July. I never made a pom pom hat before. What do you think?


Let's Go Yarning said...

Yvette baby Booties and Hat are so cute the lady at Sprint store will be tickled over them. Dont be a stranger I have a Blog you know.

Keep up the awesome crocheting Joan,

Gi said...

Yvette the pom pom looks great...I haven't made a pom pom as of yet...keep avoiding it....I actually have seen a gadget that assist you in making pom poms. Great job, your friend will love em.

TravisMom said...

Thanks Joan and Gi. I appreciate the nice compliments. I had never done a pom pom before either, and to do this one, I was trying to hurry at dinner to finish the other bootie before we were to go to Sprint. I made the bootie and the pom pom at Carl's Jr. To do the Pom pom I wrapped the yarn around my son's fingers. It turned out, so that is all that matters I guess.