Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cross made from Eunice's pattern without the tassel.
Hello everyone. Well, when we were finished with dinner, I was watching the Barack Obama inauguration that I had taped on the DVR, and I had bought one skein of Red Heart Strata. I made up a hat while watching it and have it typed up in a pdf file. I am not sure how to download a pdf file to my blog, so I may have to figure it out and do it next time. I can copy and paste the post for now. I am so tired, so I hope the directions make sense. I also made some other stuff today too.


Aunt Kathy said...

I think model #2 liked the hat better then model #1, LOL

Anonymous said...

I wanted my step son's girlfriend to model it, and my step son took it from me, and put it on, so I took his pic too.

River Glorious said...

Since you have a blogger account, you have google docs. Go to: and upload the pdf file, make sure that Sharing is "Public" and then post the link in your blog.