Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, I was going to post some new pictures of the snow and the dogs, but for some reason it will not let me. I guess I will try again later. Been trying for the last hour, and it just gives an error.
The weather forcaster job here in Colorado should be mine. Obviously all that money they have spent on those Doppler Radar systems, and they still have no clue.
Last night the forcast said we may get one inch of snow, and lo and behold we woke up to about 3 inches and by the time I took Don to work at 9 am there was like 4 1/2. I will try to get the pics uploaded as soon as I can.

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Aunt Kathy said...

I wouldn't want the weather job even if i was right, lol... everyone always blames the weather person for the weather.