Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

Some of my lighthouses and stuff
A tiny bit of our Nascar stuff
Pammy and her new shawl
Pammy and her shawl
Back view of Pammy's shawl
Don holding up the shawl
Closer view of shawl. Pattern can be found at It is Pattern # LW1698. I used the yarn and hook that was on the pattern, but the shawl was really small, so I just did several more pattern rows for the length that I finished it as. I did a shell border though.
Kitchen set for a lady in Don's office.
I am back again. Just had a very good New Year's weekend with a visit from my friend from a couple of my groups named Pam. Her and her husband Buzz (Leonard) came on New Year's Day. We were supposed to be unpacking boxes and instead we did more talking and visiting. LOL

I did finish the shawl, didn't like the border on the pattern, so I made my own. I gave the shawl to Pam for coming to visit and helping out with what she did. Today we made the turkey that I had gotten for Thanksgiving and didn't cook because of the move. I made home made stuffing. YUMMY!!! It was a wonderful dinner.
Here's some pictures that I haven't posted.

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Aunt Kathy said...

The shawl came out great.

Are those real NASCAR tires from a race???