Friday, January 16, 2009

heart filet afghan in progress

Heart Filet Afghan in progress.

Trixie in her party dress
Lotus on the bed.


Aunt Kathy said...

Trixie in her party dress, lol

Let's Go Yarning said...

Yvette you ask if I love your afghan yes I do .Do you need my mailing address.
Keep up the the awesome crocheting
Happy Crocheting Joan,

Yvette said...

Kathy: Yes, I got my Trixie two more dresses today. One is for Christmas time and the other I will put on her and take pics. It is pink polka dots. Wait till you see those pics.

Joan: I added the throw to my Blujay store if you want to buy it. LOL. I can make in any color you want to buy. LOL. I am making another hat now. For my son's girlfriend, will post it with the pattern that I wrote up.